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Day 1... It Takes a Village

So, I'm not going to lie. Today was a little... weird. But I was also so impressed by everything I saw from teachers, administrators, families, authors, business owners, and just generally positive messages from the community at large. Sometimes it takes a crisis for people to come together, and I see so many rising to the occasion. It's what my heart needed right now.

Some colleagues and I created this list of resources to help teachers and parents while we're all at home for the coming weeks. There's some truly incredible stuff out there, and we'll keep updating it as new items are added. Please feel free to use, share, or suggest anything that we should add!

I've been thinking of ways we can continue to connect with other people without contact, so tomorrow I'm going to have my kids write notes and draw pictures to mail to relatives. My elementary school is having a community Flipgrid discussion topic each day, like "What are you reading?" or "Introduce us to your stuffed animal!" and I absolutely LOVE this idea to help keep us connected during this strange, unprecedented time.

Here is a really great article about how to best support our kids during this crisis, and to help us remember not to overwhelm them. Uncertainty is hard for all of us, and our mental and emotional health needs to come first.

As far as my own family, we'll keep up with what my kids' teachers send home, but we'll also be riding bikes when the weather is nice, and doing yoga inside when it's not. We'll be reading books, baking cookies, playing games, building with legos, making art, listening to music... and just trying to make the best of everything.

One day at a time. Hang in there, friends.